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Drip Irrigation Installs, Repair & Troubleshooting

Kredit Sprinkler and Arizona Lighting is a family owned and operated business serving the Valley since 1984. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service based on our four pillars: 


1. Expertise

2. Efficiency

3. Preparedness

4. Verification


Drip system repair and troubleshooting is similar to sprinkler systems in that having the expertise and knowledge is key. Kredit Sprinkler & Arizona Lighting’s comprehensive understanding of hydraulics allows us to diagnose and fix drip irrigation systems efficiently. Since drip irrigation systems use water in gallons per hour and typically run around 30 psi (pounds per square inch), there are variables to consider that a handyman may be unaware of. 


When it comes to drip systems and water flow, we consider the optimal number of dripper on each zone and the output of each, as well as the type of dripper and if elevation levels will affect those calculations. Because drip systems in Phoenix, AZ are crucial in the summer time, we know that it’s important to get it right the first time and ensure your system is hydraulically balanced. That way, all plants or shrubs get the appropriate amount of water.


Finally, a good contractor always tests the repair and other stations or zones in the same area. Our team is professional, completes high-quality work, and then verifies the work done with thorough testing. 


Our expertise means that on a drip irrigation installation, repair, or troubleshooting job, we’re able to complete the job more efficiently and be on the property for less time. 


Another contributor to efficiency involves preparedness - due to the fact that we focus on irrigation rather than general landscaping, we often have the parts we need on hand. Being a licensed, bonded and insured contractor with the AZ ROC and running a family owned/operated business for 40+ years, we strive to be well supplied on all our service trucks. 

What Our Clients Say

Image by VJ Von Art
Amazing work! Amazing crew! Best in the valley! HIGHLY Recommended!!
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